Italian Varieties

Original Mild Italian Sausage*:  

Our #1 seller is the original recipe brought from Calabria over 80 years ago.  Sweet fennel gives this sausage versatility and flavor without heat.

Original Hot italian Sausage*:  

Similar to Mild Original, but with more heat.

Original New York Sweet:

Similar to Mild Italian, but sweeter thanks to an

infusion of concentrated fennel.

Original Hot Mozz:

Hot Italian, with creamy mozzarella cheese infused.  A newer variety, and gaining popularity quickly.

Original Sicilian Garlic:

Think original mild, but with garlic profile

instead of fennel.

Original Tuscan-Red Wine, Garlic, and Black Pepper:

Simply one of our most popular varieties.  Pairs well with red or white sauces, although we prefer it with an alfredo.  Either way, a great choice to serve with a

hearty pasta and a good Parmesan or Romano.

Original Meatball Saus-A-Letz:

Traditional flavor along with ease of preparation set this variety apart.  Perfect with Colosimo's Original Spaghetti Sauce.  Serve with pasta for an easy supper, or on a good roll with sauce and cheese for a uniquely flavorful meatball hero.  Skinless variety-No casing.

Italian Meatball Saus-A_Letz:

A spicier version of the Original.  

Skinless variety-No casing.

*Available in a skinless link, or in bulk.

Colosimo's Original Sausage Varieties

Other Varieties



Black Pepper





Hot Polish

​Taco Crumbles

Garlic Burgers

Steak Burgers

Colosimo's Original Sausage


Colosimo's Original Bratwurst:

Our award winning German sausage is a staple of the backyard grill or week-end tailgate party.  Strong demand has led us to create several variations of this base flavor as described below:

Jalapeno Brats:

A seemingly odd combination that just works.  Unique flavor, with a fair amount of heat from the jalapeno.

Pepperjack Brats:​

Again, a unique combination of flavor and texture that melt together (literally) with the creaminess of Pepperjack cheese.

Hot Brats:

As the name implies, a brat with more heat from

a little bit of cayenne.

Garlic Brats:

A little extra garlic never hurts, right?

Cheddar Brats:

Creamy cheddar adds great flavor and texture.

Chipotle Cheddar Brats;

Smooth cheddar with the smokiness of chipotle pepper.  A great combination.

Breakfast Sausage

Original Country Style (American)

Original Italian Style

Original Country Maple

Dried and Cured

Pepperoni  (Hot or Mild)